#Oneword2019: Joy

My #OneWord2019 is Joy. Shortlisted were also Wonder & Awe.

I chose Joy because I want more Wow moments this year. More moments when my heart pounds, my skin tingles & my eyes fill.

I want 2019 to be  a year full of joyful memories.

I want more memories that are Joyful & Joyous, fewer moments that are Joyless.

Joie De Vivre is my commitment to 2019:

  • Joy of Teaching.
  • Joy of Learning.
  • Joy of Leading.
  • Joy of Living.


So I saw the New Year in feeling the Joy of being on the beach in a beautiful part of the country.

I breathed in the fresh air and space of 2019, I exhaled all of my stresses and pains from 2018.

Hannah, The Hopeful Headteacher

Currently feeling hopeful about:

  • Celebrating a positive start to the year.
  • Ensuring that my glass remains half full.
  • Finding problems to solutions as they arise.

Currently reading and thinking about:

  • I am still on ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama.
  • Becoming… lighter… becoming…joyful.

Currently feeling grateful for:

  • My friends and family  who I have caught up with over the break.
  • My acupuncturist who releases any tensions I have in my body.




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